MOTC Conducts a Survey on the Use of Current and Future Transportation

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) announced that the Field Survey Team conducted a survey to find out the public preferences for using current and future transportation, such as buses, metro and private cars. The Ministry encouraged the public to participate and work with the Team, based on the belief of the Ministry of the active role of community members to keep pace with their aspirations to develop road transport plans in the State of Qatar.

The Ministry confirmed that participation in the field survey program, carried out in all regions of Qatar, supports plans to develop the land transport network in Qatar through the collection of data related to traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, parking, etc. Qatar’s comprehensive transport plan will also serve to develop the strategic transport model, which is one of the main pillars used by the Ministry in coming up with new policies and strategies for road transport in the country.

During the current period, the Ministry is collecting data through road interviews. The Ministry works through its consulting companies to install roadside stations in cooperation with the Traffic Department to facilitate parking and conduct surveys with road users, to draw conclusions that contribute to the realization of the plan. A road traffic census is being carried out too, by choosing vehicles at intersections and conducting public transport interviews and surveys of preferred transport mode and flight time. MOTC continues to complete the Field Survey Program, which began in 2017 and continues until the end of 2019, throughout the country, with a view to modernizing Qatar’s comprehensive transport plan until 2050.

Source: Government of Qatar