MOPH to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has announced the start of the implementation of a plan to promote mental health and well-being and improve access to mental health services as part of the National Health Strategy 2018-2022, with a national target that ensures that 40% of services are offered in the primary and community settings by 2022.

The plan, which is already in its implementation phase, focuses on increasing awareness about mental health with the aim of reducing stigma. This will be achieved through conducting national surveys on mental health attitudes and awareness, delivering training programs on children mental health for families, health professionals, and education providers, as well as developing educational and public awareness drug prevention campaigns.

In addition, the plan aims to improve access to integrated mental health services in primary and community settings, which are free from the stigma often associated with psychiatric facilities, with the aim of enabling people to access services in mainstream health facilities.

Source: Government of Qatar