MOPH Sets 12 Standards for Websites Health Advertisements

Human Services

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) identified 12 standards that must be adhered to by all health facilities and practitioners in the country with regard to the use of websites and social media platforms in their advertisements, based on the Ministry’s oversight role in following up the commitment of health practitioners to the scope of specialization and the therapeutic and surgical privileges granted to them by the Department of Public Health.

The Ministry called on all health facilities and health practitioners working in them to adhere to the correctness and accuracy of the information announced in official newspapers, publications, websites and social media platforms of those facilities or their practitioners.

The standards and procedures include avoiding advertising in any way that is inconsistent with the dignity of the profession, respecting Islamic teachings and the customs and culture of the community regarding images and videos used in advertisement, and adhering to what is stated in the professional license granted to the practitioner in terms of its type (permanent / temporary / Visitor), his academic degrees, titles, and type of specialization without any additions or modifications, and avoiding the inclusion of data that does not match the truth about what is registered in the electronic registration system in the Department of Health Specialties at MOPH.


Source: Government of Qatar