MOPH organizes a virtual webinar for school nurses to discover low vision cases among students

Human Services

​One of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) priorities is the promotion of eye health among schools’ students, and MOPH has recently organized a webinar that targeted all governmental school nurses in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Primary Health Care Corporation.

Dr. Kholood Al-Mutawa, the head of Non-Communicable Disease Section (MOPH), announced that the vision screening survey for school students will be conducted this academic year 2021-2022 for all students in primary and preparatory grades of governmental and private schools.


The school nurse should screen the low vision cases and refer such cases to the health centers, eventually we could decrease the prevalence of low vision and lazy eye within this important age group.

Dr. Shadi Al-Ashwal, an ophthalmologist at MoPH, said the webinar has targeted 323 nurses on how to perform an accurate visual acuity measurement taking in consideration the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, Dr. Shadi mentioned that recent studies have found an increase in the prevalence of low vision and refractive errors among children and its significant association to the excessive use of digital devices such as computers, and smart phones.


Source: Ministry of Public Health