MOPH: Issuing Prescriptions Online

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has issued a circular to all health facilities in the State of Qatar and pharmacy managers to accept prescriptions by pharmacy or patient email or by sending them through the WhatsApp mobile app to the patient for sick cases that do not require the patient to appear in person to the clinic or chronic diseases supervised by the specialist doctor.

The Ministry said in the circular that this decision was taken due to the necessities of the public interest and as a result of the current circumstances that require further measures to reduce the spread of the new Coronavirus COVID-19, indicating that this decision is applied temporarily.

MOPH pointed out that the drug and dangerous psychotropic substances and psychotropic drugs are excluded from the decision, stressing the need for the prescription to be printed by the pharmacy, registered with the registration books, kept in the pharmacy and presented on request by inspectors of MOPH.

Source: Government of Qatar