MoPH Celebrates Ninth Qatari Patient Safety Week

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) celebrates the ninth Qatar Patient Safety Week under the theme “Engaging patients for patient safety”, during the period from 17 to 21 September in collaboration with healthcare facilities and academic health institutions in the State of Qatar.

The ninth Qatar Patient Safety Week aims to raise local awareness of the need for active engagement of patients, their families, and caregivers in all healthcare settings and at all levels of healthcare to improve patient safety, as well as to engage policymakers, healthcare leaders, healthcare workers and other stakeholders in the efforts to engage patients and families in the formulation of safe healthcare policies and practices.

The week also aims to empower patients and their families to be actively involved in their own healthcare and in the improvement of safety of healthcare and call on relevant partners to act urgently on engaging patients and families, in line with Qatar’s strategic plans and the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030.

On this occasion, the MoPH is launching an extensive awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of elevating the voice of patients among healthcare providers and public. This campaign includes several events and activities, including the dissemination of messages through the MoPH social media platform and conducting events within various healthcare facilities.

Several prominent landmarks and monuments in the State of Qatar and the MoPH building will be illuminated in orange on September 17, 2023, coinciding with the celebration of World Patient Safety Day.

Qatar Patient Safety Week is an annual national event conducted by the MoPH – Healthcare Quality Department as an educational and awareness campaign aimed at spreading the concept of patient safety among healthcare workers and patients in healthcare facilities.

Patient safety is a fundamental principle of patient care and an important component of quality management in healthcare. Improving patient safety demands a complex system-wide effort across all healthcare sectors and disciplines through a holistic approach. This includes broad interventions for improving performance, safety, and quality, as well as managing actual and potential risks, while developing effective and long-term solutions for a safe healthcare system.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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