MOJ Launches Public Services Charter

The Ministry of Justice has launched a public service charter that sets out the principles and obligations of dealing with the Ministry, and sets standards to be observed by service providers in accordance with a mechanism that explains the nature of dealing with the Ministry’s audience, whether from normal or legal persons, and other service beneficiaries.

This mechanism includes rules, principles and standards that determine the proper conduct of the service provider and its recipients, the criteria for which the service provider is supposed to be aware, including the standards of honesty, integrity, transparency, objectivity and trust between the service provider and its recipients, the nature of the discretionary authority of the service provider, their behavior and attitude, and vigilance towards the administrative activities related to the work and avoid misusing the resources at their disposal.

The launch of this charter is in line with the directives of the wise leadership to remove bureaucratic obstacles and to develop and modernize public sector institutions with a view to reaching an efficient, transparent and accountable public sector.

Source: Government of Qatar