MOI responds to British parliamentarians and Al Jazeera channel


Manama, The Ministry of Interior has issued a statement clarifying  facts, including a petition signed by four British parliamentarians as reported by Al Jazeera channel, the Qatari incitement platform.

The MPs demanded the release of an inmate Fawaz Abdulnabi, in relation to a session by the Appeal Court be held on Monday; the Interior Ministry highlights the following:

First: The inmate Fawaz Abdulnabi Habib, 35, serves a 15 years jail sentence in a terrorist case and is involved in cases related to joining groups to hinder the law, weapon-use training and others.

Second: The British MPs could have sought accuracy by contacting the official concerned authority before taking such a step, especially the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation works within a system of the state of organisations and law.

It hasn’t received any complaint or comment from any entity since his arrival to the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre to serve his penalty after a just trial and completion of the judiciary phases.

Third: Out of the transparency approach of the Interior Ministry, the Ombudsmen has been invited to investigate the allegations and release the probe findings.

Fourth: The four British MPs aren’t aware of the reality of human rights in Bahrain and the legal procedures on the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre in Jua. Human rights standards are protected not only as part of laws and conventions but also a culture that the Interior Ministry is dedicated to enforcing among its affiliates of officers and other ranks.

All inmates, regardless of the lengths of their sentences, are a trust that should be safeguarded.

Fifth: Out of the commitments of human rights, the health and safety of inmates are protected round the clock. It is worth mentioning that there are currently no single active GOVID-19 cases at the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre.

The centre achieved “Zero Cases” with the continuation of implementing preventive measures and offering COVID-19 vaccines to all inmates for free. As a result, 100% of registered inmates were vaccinated.

Sixth: the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre in Jua is opened for all human rights organisations, including the National Institute for Human Rights, Omdurman and the Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission.

These institutions make announced and unannounced visits to ensure inmates receive services stated in the Reformation and Rehabilitation Organisations Law and its rules.

Seventh: Qatar, through its incitement platform “AL Jazeera”, reported the petition within a campaign against Bahrain and its people.

Finally, The timing of highlighting the topic through Qatar’s incitement platform affirms the continuation of the systematic campaign against Bahrain and its people through an exposed scenario that its goals are known to all.


Source: Bahrain News Agency