MoI Announces the Rules of Governing the Election Campaign

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced yesterday the regulations governing the election campaign of the Central Municipal Council (CMC), and it allowed the 94 candidates, including 5 women, to exercise their right to publicize in 29 electoral districts in the country. The electoral poll centers were only 27, where the seventh, and the twenty-seventh center were decided by acclamation.

The ministry said that the candidates for the elections of the CMC have the right to start the election campaign according to the rules and regulations issued by MoI decision No. (7) of 1998, which explain the methods of introducing the electoral program, and ensure the preservation of the principle of equality, which is a fundamental value in the state, and freedom of expression.

During the press conference held by MoI, Brigadier Abdullah Khalifa Al Muftah, Director of Public Relations Department, Head of the Elections Media Committee, presented places where publicity is not allowed, such as worship, institutes and places of worship, government buildings and inside and outside polling halls.

It is noteworthy that the elections of the Central Municipal Council will be held in all electoral district headquarters on Tuesday, the sixteenth of April next, according to the Amiri decree issued in this regard.

Source: Government of Qatar