Mohammed bin Rashid issues law regarding Dubai Land Department

WAM DUBAI, 24th September, 2013 (WAM) — In his capacity as Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued Law No. 07 for 2013 regarding the Dubai Land Department. The Law defines the Department’s objectives as the government entity responsible for registration, organisation and promotion of real-estate investment in Dubai. The Law aims to provide an attractive environment for investment by implementing international standards. Additionally, the Law describes the Department’s specialisations, tasks and competencies to support the sector’s development efforts.

Pursuant to Law No. 07 for 2013, the Land Department will work to achieve the objectives of the Dubai Government’s strategy in the real-estate sector and keep pace with the latest international systems and practices in real-estate registration, within the framework of strategic objectives which include planning and developing an integrated strategy to enhance real-estate industry in Dubai, boost control and monitoring competency, overseeing and developing real-estate renting sector, developing registration systems and encourage investments by establishing convent environments to promote the role of real-estate in Dubai’s comprehensive development plan.

In addition to the assigned specialisations according to the applied regulations and legislations, the responsibilities of the Department, pursuant to Article 6 of Law No. 07 for 2013, includes introduction of policies, procedures and strategies relevant to the execution of Dubai Strategic Plan. Moreover, the Department will develop and organise the real-estate sector in the emirate and follow up the execution of such plans. The Land Department will be also responsible for real-estate registration and process by updating and developing the systems and procedures regulating escrow accounts, property brokerage and joint ownerships.

In reference to the new Law, the Land Department oversees promotion of real-estate investment by providing information about investment opportunities in Dubai to investors, proposes initiatives and polices required to recognize the Department’s objectives related to promotion and investment, draft legislations relevant to sector organisation and monitor their sufficiency, organise the relationship between lessee and lessor and register lease contracts.

The Land Department also licenses, oversees and controls real-estate activities in the emirate and establishes procedures to protect and stabilise the real-estate market in coordination and cooperation with the concerned parties. Moreover, the department is liable for real-estate promotion, inside and outside Dubai, through organising and participating in conferences, events and exhibition locally, regionally and internationally. The Department also reviews investors’ applications to obtain privileges pursuant to applied laws and regulations.

The Land Department prepares and publishes technical reports and studies about real-estate market to utilise research findings in legislating and executing the government’s policies and programmes. The Department provides investors with data and information about investments opportunities, real-estate valuation, and conduct surveys to issue blueprints and maps.

According to the new Law, the Land Department partakes in increasing awareness about real-estate by preparing and executing training programmes to qualify real-estate professionals including developers, brokers and others educational programmes related to the rights and obligation of all parties. The Department provides consultations to real-estate developers, brokers and investors.

On the national level, the Department conducts programmes and projects to promote nationals’ role and engagement in the real-estate market. The Department looks after any matters related to the real-estate market and propose suitable solutions by organising specialised workshops, conferences and symposiums.

In reference to the new Law, Dubai Land Department is authorised to assess the performance of all its subsidiaries and run quality control measures on their operations and services as well as preparing, developing and maintaining a unified central database for the emirate’s real-estate activities and make this database available for planning and decision making.

The Department also undertakes the responsibility of forming councils, groups and advisory committees composed of specialised personnel and experts to provide consulting services to the Department in business matters.

Article 10 of the Law permits the Land Department to attach specialised organisations in the fields of organising and developing real-estate activities in the emirate, and the Department may propose redirecting the objectives of such organizations and/or dissolve or merge them according to work requirements and best interest and subject to concerned authorities’ approvals. Pursuant to the same Article, the Department’s subsidiaries are obliged to execute the approved polices and plans and submit periodic reports about their activities, programmes, statistics, research and studies and any other information available to its general manager.

In reference to Article 15 of the Law, the Declaration issued on 24th January, 1960, regarding the establishment of the “Tabou (Land) Department” and Law No. 07 for 1997 regarding the Land Registration Fees are considered null. Moreover, the new Law overcomes and cancels any law or legislation that contradicts or challenges any article of Law No. 07 for 2013. The new Law is considered active from the date of its issuance and publication in the Official Gazette.


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