MOFAIC hosts second workshop on development cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MOFAIC, today hosted a workshop, titled, ‘Supporting Efficient Development Cooperation: Preparing for the 2018 Global Monitoring Round’, in cooperation with a joint support team from the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD.

The workshop aims to raise awareness about the advantages of participating in the 2018 Global Monitoring Round. It also seeks to promote dialogue between donor institutions and member countries, which are members of the Global Partnership, on the ways of reinforcing cooperation and helping relevant Emirati organisations concerned with development cooperation, to prepare for effective and coordinated participation in the 2018 Global Monitoring Round.

The workshop’s participants include representatives of Emirati donor authorities and partner countries that receive development support from these donor institutions, as well as regional members of the Arab Coordination Group.

The partnership is a multilateral forum that aims to support the development efforts of all parties and achieve sustainable results, which will help to realise their sustainable development goals. It is based on four fundamental principles, which are developing ownership among countries, focusing on results, comprehensive development, and transparency and accountability.

The partnership’s monitoring process takes place every two years, with the aim of helping countries to monitor their progress in implementing the four principles, as well as to promote work between these countries and their development partners.

The partnership, whose monitoring framework was updated to comply with its 2030 plan, will launch the 2018 Global Monitoring Round using the updated structure.

The UAE became a member in 2011.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs