MME: The largest expansion project for fishing ports in Qatar is nearing completion


The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) announced that the largest expansion project for the fishing ports in the State of Qatar, in Al Wakra, Al Khor and Al Ruwais and the Fishermen’s Terminal with Al Thakhira, is nearing completion. It is expected to see the light of day soon and to start operating and exploiting the marine parking lots for boats and ships and the services attached to them during the next three months.

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Dehaimi, Director of the Fisheries Department at MME, said this project will contribute to improving the productivity of fishing vessels and boats and maintaining the quality of fish products, as the fishing ports and the equipment and services attached to them are among the most important services that fishermen and fishing vessels need to perform their work.

He added that the works in the fishing port development projects have come a long way, as the completion rate has reached 100 percent in each of the fishing ports of Al Khor and Al Wakra and Al Thakhira, while the completion rate in the fishing port in Ruwais has reached about 95 percent.


Source: Government of Qatar