Ministry of Public Health Holds Food Safety Workshop

Doha, The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) held a workshop standards of food safety to prevent food poisoning, targeting a number of owners and representatives of restaurants and food establishments.

The workshop is party of MOPH’s mission to guarantee safety of food exchanged in Qatar and to instate that it is a joint responsibility between regulators, owners, and managers of restaurants and food establishments.

The workshop discussed the reasons behind food poisoning and the importance of following health requirements in the food business, explaining to employees proper health practices within the facilities, the need to adhere to personal hygiene and periodic screening, and the importance of getting a health certificate before starting to work in kitchens.

The workshop also included lectures presented by doctors and health inspectors from MOPH on the legal procedures that is followed in case an establishment fails to adhere to the conditions of food safety. The lectures touched on a number of the health conditions that must be followed through the food preparing phase including cooking, cooling, heating, storing of raw and cooked food, in addition to clarifying the foodborne diseases, the important public health requirements for food facilities, as well as a lecture on the role of health protection in the fight against foodborne diseases.

Source: Qatar News Agency