Ministry of Labor and Emirates ID discuss bolstering cooperation to develop “Smart Inspection

WAM Abu Dhabi, 11th Oct. 2013 (WAM) – The Ministry of Labor and the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) have discussed fields of mutual cooperation and how the ministry can benefit from the innovative services provided by Emirates ID in order to develop its electronic smart inspection mechanisms.

Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Director General of Emirates ID, and Maher Al Obad, Assistant Undersecretary for Inspection Affairs at the Ministry of Labor, and a number of officials from both sides met Thursday at the Ministry of Labor in Abu Dhabi and discussed developing and upgrading the smart devices used by the ministry’s inspection teams in order to improve operational performance and facilitate procedures through benefiting from the data and information embedded in the smart chip of the ID card.

The ID card smart chip allows verification and identification of individuals’ identity by matching the ID card holder’s fingerprint with the one saved on the card’s electronic chip.

Discussions also tackled completing the second phase of integrating the ministry’s database with Emirates ID’s population register system. This should help eliminate duplication of individuals’ data and registers at different government institutions.

Dr. Al Khouri emphasized Emirates ID’s keenness to exploit its capabilities and set up initiatives and projects to serve government entities towards making a quantum leap in the quality of government projects and services by benefiting from the digital ID applications, thereby materialize the country’s prudent leadership vision.

Dr. Al Khouri said that Emirates ID has developed an advanced database and distinguished technical capabilities that allow it to actively contribute to the success of eGovernment and mGovernment projects aimed to transform government services to eServices offered via multiple channels, particularly smart phones and devices.

He highlighted the importance of integrating and e-linking systems of government entities so as to enable them to manage and exchange their data easily, quickly and precisely and implement sophisticated protocols and standards that ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality thereby achieve the sought out success.

For his part, Al Obad said that the meeting reflected cooperation and integration among government entities and aimed at exchanging experiences and benefiting from achievements which will positively reflect on the government institutional performance.

He added that the database developed by Emirates ID will actively contribute in initiatives launched and being executed by the Ministry of Labor, particularly those related to the smart electronic inspection which will enhance control on registered companies. This should help maintain balance in work relationships and enhance stability in the market.


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