Ministry of Foreign Affairs Calls on Qatari Owners to Sell Lands, Real Estate Properties Located in Prohibited Areas in Oman

Doha / Information Office -An official source at the Department of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Qatari citizens who own land plots and real estate properties located in areas where ownerships are banned in the Sultanate of Oman must accelerate their sale and reconcile their situation by legal means not later than Nov. 19, 2020, in implementation of the Royal Decree prohibiting ownership of land plots and real estate properties by non-Omanis in following places:

1- Governorate of Musandam – Al Buraimi – Al Dhahirah – Al Wusta – Dhofar (except for Salalah).

2- Wilayat Liwa, Shinas and Masirah.

3- Al Jabal Akhdar, Jabal Shams and any other mountains of strategic importance as determined by the competent authority.

4- The islands.

5- Archaeological and ancient sites as determined by the competent authority.

6- Agricultural lands throughout the Sultanate.

7- Areas located within 1000 m from royal palaces in all directions, and areas located within 500 m from security and military bodies and other security or military formed units in all directions.

The source said that Qatari citizens can request an extension of the deadline for one year only through the electronic form available on the Omani Ministry of Housing’s website

The source added that if the owner fails to sell the property, the Ministry of Housing shall evaluate the property and buy it based on the market value of each area.

The source said that the owners should avoid transferring properties outside the real estate registry departments at the Ministry of Housing, and should not enter into illegal simulated contracts to transfer properties with some Omani citizens with the aim of keeping lands and real estate in the prohibited places.

The law on the prohibition of non-Omanis’ ownership of lands and real states does not include land plots and real estate located in licensed integrated tourism complexes, even if they are located in prohibited places, the source said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Qatari citizens to quickly take the necessary measures regarding their related properties, and to contact the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Muscat for assistance on phone numbers (+96824691152 / +96824691153).



Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs