Ministerial Decision to Amend Student Assessment Policies

HE Dr. Mohamed Abdul Wahed Ali Al Hammadi, Minister of Education and Higher Education has issued a decision amending some provisions of ministerial decision No. 22 of 2015 on student assessment policies.

The amendments include the addition of two articles to the student assessment policy for grades four through 11, as well as the addition of two articles to the policy for Grade 12, approved by the decision.

The policy amendment issued for grades four to 11 abolishes the student’s test in all subjects, and stipulates that the student is considered to have failed in his class, is given the word cancelled, and is deprived of study in the same academic year in the following cases:

– If any of the mobile devices or other means of communication or reception, whether wired or wireless, were obtained in the examination committee and while in session, whether they were used in cheating or attempted or not.

– If the student obtained in the examination committee and while in session any equipment or any means that lead to the dissemination, broadcasting or promotion of the test questions or answers.

– If the student participated in any social networking sites, in a group of constituent groups for the purpose of cheating or disrupting the general system of examination.

Source: Government of Qatar