Minister : Qatar’s hostile, destabilising media policies exposed

Manama, Information Affairs Minister, Ali bin Mohammed Al-Romaihi, has stressed that the method adopted by the Qatari regime to target the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Arab countries has become evident to everyone, and is widely rejected by GCC and Arab citizens.

The minister pointed out that there is a network of social media accounts that are run from Qatar and are closely related to the Qatari regime’s media, noting that such accounts carry photos, information and data about GCC leaders and symbols.

Al-Romaihi affirmed that such Qatar-based accounts aim to weaken GCC unity, undermine GCC countries’ national unity, stir up sedition, mix up papers, target civic peace and social fabric, as well as subvert the security and stability of Bahrain and other GCC states.

The minister emphasised that for more than 20 years, the Qatari regime has adopted hostile and immoral policies that seek no good to the region, relying on a group of mercenaries to implement its destructive agendas aimed at targeting the pillars of the GCC unity and the whole regional system, in flagrant violation of brotherly and kinship ties and the outstanding relations binding GCC citizens.

Al-Romaihi said that the Qatari regime has always strived to harm and undermine GCC deep-rooted relations and distinguished ties in various ways, affirming that GCC peoples are united, and will continue rejecting Qatar’s policies that seek to destroy the GCC system.

The Minister of Information Affairs stressed that GCC leaders and symbols are widely appreciated across the GCC, and that their distinguished position among GCC citizens is well-established and cannot be affected by the malicious policies adopted by the Qatari regime and its suspicious media.

He emphasised that the Qatari regime’s destructive attempts will not succeed in the midst of the keenness of GCC citizens to rally behind wise GCC leaders.

The minister called on the social media users from the citizens of Bahrain and other GCC countries to be cautious, and not to pay heed to the tendentious rumours and poisonous ideas disseminated by the suspicious accounts to achieve the Qatari regime’s goals to subvert regional security and stability.

Source: Bahrain News Agency