Minister of Transport and Communications: Opening of Three Internet Exchange Points This Year

HE Mr. Jassim Bin Saif Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, stressed that the opening of the first Internet Exchange Point in Qatar (QIXP) is a qualitative leap in the field of technology and the Internet in the country, pointing out that the year 2020 will witness the opening of 3 points for exchanging the Internet, noting that the existence of this point is very important for global search engines like Google and Microsoft and for all digital content.

Al Sulaiti added, in press statement yesterday after the opening of QIXP, that the presence of this point in Qatar achieves the information and security factor and it is a catalyst for international companies that Qatar is keeping pace with global development in this field, according to global standards and that it is a major platform for launching digital content for all countries of the world through the existing platforms.

He explained that this is the first point for exchanging the Internet and it is very important for the State of Qatar, which is considered one of the fastest countries in the world in the field of the Internet, which will raise its classification, announcing that the other three main points will be implemented during 2020 and the Ministry’s plan to provide four points will be completed for internet exchange in the country.

Source: Government of Qatar