Minister of Transport: A five-year plan to enhance traffic safety and reduce road accidents deaths

HE Jassim Seif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, said the ministry began implementing its five-year traffic safety plan, covering many aspects to curb accidents and deaths and injuries.

Speaking at the opening session at the International Traffic Safety Conference, he explained the plan focuses on decreasing deaths by 50% to finally achieve the zero accidents vision, and there is also emphasis on building highly efficient road networks including second generation intelligent strategy for transport which reduces traffic congestion and accidents and meets the development requirements of the State and the society.

He pointed out that the plan includes adopting a national road safety design system addressing all gaps, building a comprehensive traffic control center for road users, further developing mass transport services and meeting the needs of 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. And implement all the plans set by the National Strategy for Traffic Safety related to sustainable transportation and safety, building a highly efficient national workforce and increasing the contribution of the transport sector to the country’s GDP and the development of cities.

Source: Government of Qatar