Minister at WSIS2021: “Qatar Pays Great Attention to Sustainable Development with All Its Various Aspects”


The State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, participated in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS2021) Virtual Exhibition, which opened yesterday.

In remarks broadcasted during the inauguration of the exhibition, Minister of Transport and Communications HE Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti said, “The State of Qatar, as part of the integrated vision of its policy at the national, regional and global levels, pays great attention to sustainable development with all its various aspects; social, economic and environmental, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Qatar understands that achieving sustainable development is a key challenge to countries at the national level as well as a global challenge that the international community must join forces to prioritize and make a reality. The State of Qatar is an active and effective contributor with other nations on this front.”

“The State of Qatar is participating in the World Summit on the Information Society as a Gold Partner this year to express its support to the universal goals that aim at benefiting from the potential of ICT in accelerating the pace of social and economic development. The Ministry also works on monitoring achieving the Summit Action Lines for realizing the globally defined sustainable development goals through ICT, and which match with our national endeavors to establish a knowledge-based economy,” he added.

During her participation in the inauguration event, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Government Information Technology, MOTC, Ms. Mashael Ali Al-Hammadi, said that Qatar realizes the paramount role that the ICT sector plays in accelerating the pace of social and economic development and creating a knowledge-based economy. Accordingly, she added, the Qatar Digital Government Strategy 2026 will be an ambitious one that complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, fostering values through ICT such as increased accessibility, and focusing on the quality of education, healthcare, and justice, while striving to make a better environmental impact for a more sustainable model, and empowering all social elements equally.

Qatar, which participates as a Gold Partner in the WSIS Forum 2021 slated for this May, is looking forward to showcasing some of Qatar’s milestones with relation to WSIS Action Lines, some projects carried out under the umbrella of the Qatar Digital Government Strategy, as well as highlights from the TASMU Smart Qatar Program and several initiatives on digital inclusion for all sections of the society, including the disabled, the elderly and migrant workers.


Source: Ministry of Transport & Communications