Min. of Commerce holds workshop on use of int'l credit ratings

KUWAIT, June 1 (KUNA) — The Ministry of Commerce and Industry organized a workshop on the international credit ratings system to which representatives from 29 government bodies were invited, a ministry official said on Wednesday.
The workshop seeks to inform government bodies on how to use the international credit ratings system in their work, said Adawiya Al-Failakawi who is in charge of the office of the follow-up and coordination office at the ministry in a statement to KUNA.
No only government ministries and agencies and monitoring bureaus will need to adapt themselves to the use of the international credit ratings system but also public and private sector firms and organizations, she said.
She added that the ministry of commerce and industry has already begun issuing licenses to operate businesses and other relative documents using the international credit ratings system.
In a similar statement, director of economic statistics at The Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau Othman Abdullah Al-Othman said the workshop informs government officials on the proper application of the international credit ratings system, used worldwide and now used in Kuwait too. (end) fnk.ajs