Military-patriotic camp for children set up in Gusar

By: Victoria Moiseyeva

A military-patriotic camp has been established in Azerbaijan with the aim of development of patriotic ideas among the teenagers, formation of their first impression about military service and raising their knowledge about specifics of the servicemen’ life.

One hundred boys aged ten to fifteen years old were chosen from the families of veterans of Karabakh war when Armenia made groundless territorial claims against Azerbaijan. They were chosen particularly from Martyrs’ families and families with low-income and sent to military-patriotic camp in Gusar region of Azerbaijan organized by the Defense Ministry and Sabail District Executive Power.

The selected children left Baku on August 18.

During their recreation period, the children will become familiar with conditions of the military men in barracks and arms and military equipment. They will be shown patriotic films and will take part in various competitions and sport games.

Moreover, excursions in the Gusar region will be organized.

The camp will be functioning till September 2.