Mideast region in turmoil – EU official

NEW YORK, June 7 (KUNA) — High European Union (EU) representative affirmed that the entire Middle East is in turmoil – with so many forces trying to redefine the regional balance of power, and so many people calling for an end to their suffering.
This came in an address by the EU’s High Representative Federica Mogherini at the UN Security Council on the EU-UN cooperation.
Discussing the Middle East Process, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; that soon will enter its eighth decade, the EU official warned the top body not to wait for the next open war between the two, that will happen, if both parties do not go back to “meaningful negotiations.” Mogherini said that violence and incitement are not just inflicting terrible human suffering, but they amplify mistrust between the two communities. Israel’s policy of settlements systematically erodes the prospects for a viable two state solution, she added, as it also raises serious and legitimate questions about the real Israeli leadership’s ultimate goals.
Discussing the Middle East Quartet, the senior official announced that the report will be made public very soon, as it will describe very frankly the immediate obstacles to direct talks, and policies threatening viability of a two-State solution. “We will also make clear recommendations on the way forward,” she added.
Despite all setbacks, despite all the stops and goes, multilateralism has shown its strength, she concluded. (end) mao.hb