Merehbi representing Hariri at inauguration of Army martyrs’ memorial statue in BebninAlAbda: We hope the new government will form to ensure the nation’s rise

Akkar – Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri, represented by MP Tarek al-Merehbi, patronized Saturday the inaugural ceremony of the memorial statue in tribute to the Army soldier martyrs who fell in Bebnin-Al-Abda Square during the battle of Nahr al-Bared.

In his word on behalf of PM-designate Hariri, Merehbi addressed the attending political, military and prominent figures, saying: “We are gathered here today in this Square in Benin Al-Abda, which witnessed the Lebanese army’s courageous battle against terrorism. Today we remember those painful days in which the heroes of the Army sacrificed their lives for Lebanon’s freedom, sovereignty and independence.”

“Between Akkar and the Army is a long life story based on dignity, honor, sacrifice and loyalty, where the military is in the heart of every Akkar citizen…The best of our sons are soldiers and military officers. They are the throbbing heartbeats of Army…and this monument will remain a witness to Akkar’s most honorable and heroic battles, this province that stands proud of its national coexistence,” Merehbi went on.

He relayed the sincere greetings of PM-designate Hariri “who holds Akkar and its people in his heart,” hoping for “the nation’s rise and for the new government’s formation, and for stability to prevail across the country.”

MP Merehbi concluded by expressing his wishes for a glorious and prosperous festive season for Lebanon and the Lebanese.

Source: National News Agency