Meeting tackles economic challenges with Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova

Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) board of directors and Jordan’s Ambassador to Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova Mutaz Khasawneh Monday spoke of a plan to create a database of opportunities available in these countries to achieve food security.It includes options to lease or own agricultural land and utilize it for provision of food at reasonable prices and quantities needed by the local market.In a meeting on Monday, the ACC board and the ambassador discussed developing Jordan’s economic relations, as well as trade challenges with the three countries and organizing a visit by a Jordanian economic team to Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova.They also discussed increasing Romanian investments in the Kingdom, which are currently modest.The ACC says Jordan’s attractive investment environment and strategic location make it an ideal center for storing and re-exporting Romanian products (such as wheat) to other regional countries. Additionally, the Chamber sees a potential that Romania serves as a center for re-exporting Jo
rdanian products (such as fertilizer) to Balkan nations, according to an ACC statement.ACC President Khalil Haj Tawfiq said that the Chamber will coordinate with the Jordanian Embassy in Bucharest to open a new chapter in trade relations, hold joint exhibitions and exchange trade delegations with the three countries.Tawfiq emphasized the significance of signing a memorandum of understanding between the Chamber and its Romanian, Bulgarian, and Moldovan counterparts to help strengthen partnerships in commercial sectors and ensure effective implementation on the ground.Khasawneh underlined the importance of economic diplomacy in opening new cooperation opportunities or building on past achievements.He emphasized that ensuring food security entails creating a suitable environment and establishing a productive partnership between the public and private sectors, expressing the embassy’s willingness to collaborate with the chamber to provide necessary services that will simplify business procedures between Jordan an
d the three countries.
Source: Jordan News Agency

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