Medical official calls for launching MS ctrs in GCC countries

AMMAN, March 21 (KUNA) — Chairman of Kuwaiti Multiple Sclerosis Association (KMSA) called for launching integrated medical centers in the GCC countries for treating multiple sclerosis (MS), a serious illness that gradually destroys nerves and renders its victims too weak to walk.
“An MS patient needs not only a neurologist and drugs, but support from specialists in others domains such as nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology and ophthalmology as well,” Yusuf Al-Kandari told KUNA on Monday.
Al-Kandari, also board member of the Kuwaiti disability authority, made the comments after taking part in the second MS international conference.
The three-day gathering, organized here by MENA Commission of Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF), came to a close earlier today.
“The GCC countries do their best to offer decent medical care for the MS patients but this is a chronic disease which requires multi-dimensional care for a long time,” Al-Kandari pointed out.
On the just-ended conference, he said it aimed to share experience among the GCC MS societies and their peers from the MENA region about the latest treatment regimes.
“The KMSA raised a proposal for launching a GCC MS union after hosting the first GCC MS forum in Kuwait, with a view to help build the capacity of the medical personnel in this field,” he went on.
Al-Kandari thanked the present and members of the MSIF-MENA Commission for their efforts in promoting awareness about the MS causes, diagnosing and treating, citing the MSIF programs for supporting the activities of the GCC MS societies.
KMSA Secretary General Ahmad Al-Barrak addressed the gathering on behalf of the GCC MS societies.
Besides MSIF European member organizations, the conference gathered representatives of 13 out of the 18 MS societies from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries; these are Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Turkey. (end)