MEC Reduces Commercial Licensing Procedures

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) yesterday issued a circular cancelling the Commercial Registration and Licenses Department’s stamp on the design of commercial signboards.

The ministry has said in a press statement that the circular is in line with its efforts to streamline work procedures, provide investor services in line with the best standards and reduce the number of commercial licensing procedures.

Based on the circular, the stamp of the Commercial Registration and Licenses Department is no longer required on the design of signboards of commercial and industrial establishments as well as similar stores before the sign is manufactured.

When designing the signboard, companies shall be responsible for matching the data on the signboard with the data in the commercial register, the statement notes.

The circular highlights the need to write the data on the signboard in Arabic based on the commercial register’s data while adding a translation in English and the number of the commercial register.

Source: Government of Qatar