“Mawared” Launches the Certification Service Soon

Government Resource Planning System Mawared will soon launch an administrative certification verification service, where third parties can verify the certificate data by entering the serial number on the certificate with the employee’s ID number. Mawarad helps to find jobs in the government sector, as the system is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of job search, with the job seeker applying for more than one job.

Mawarad ensures the automation and integration of human resources and financial planning systems within all government agencies in order to increase efficiency and transparency and raise the level of human resources services by reducing manual effort and facilitating easier access to data, in line with the Government Human Resources Act and in accordance with the best international standards.

Mawarad is built on a central database of all ministries and government sector employees and has been developed as part of the strategic plan of the Digital Government in Qatar. Mawarad provides many benefits and services to both state employees and decision makers, including e-recruitment, personnel management, performance management, time management, compensation management and others.

Source: Government of Qatar