Massive Snow Storm Triggers Chaos Across Germany

Berlin, A massive snow storm triggered chaos in Germany on Friday, causing severe disruption to transport nationwide and leaving parts of the country without power amid hurricane force winds.
Highways as well as rail links throughout Germany were blocked, trees were uprooted and residents were snowed in at home as the cold front dubbed Egon swept across the country resulting in countless accidents on icy roads, reported German Press Agency dpa.
The meteorological authorities were expecting the storm to dump up to 30 centimetres of snow in parts of the nation during Friday.
The country’s main airport in Frankfurt said it had to cancel about 125 of the 1,100 flights scheduled for Friday amid wind gusts of about 140 kilometres per hour.
“The storm was so strong that preparations for flights had to be halted at times,” a spokesman for the Frankfurt airport operator, Fraport, said, which also warned that passengers should expect delays during the day.
Police called on truck drivers to pull over into highway rest areas until the storm passed after the icy conditions resulted in several lorry accidents and traffic pileups on the autobahns.

Source: Qatar News Agency