Makari confirms no problem with President Aoun

Deputy House Speaker, Farid Makari, denied on Thursday any existing problems with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

Interviewed by Al-Najwa-Al-Massira, Makari clarified that the problem that occurred during the presidential election session emanated from his belief that the Lebanese President should be affiliated to March 14 or consensually agreed upon by said political camp.

“Both former candidates, Sleiman Franjieh and Michel Aoun followed March 8 political path, so that’s why I submitted a blank vote,” Markari said, confirming that he has talked and clarified the matter over with Aoun, whom he’s not against as a person, but against his political views.

Touching on the President’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Makari explained that this meant that the choice of the president fell in the best interest of all the Lebanese, not just Christians.

Concerning legislative elections, he said, “If the parliamentary elections are to be held in 2017, they will be held on the basis of the 1960 law.”

Source: National News Agency