MADLSA to Launch Comprehensive Recruitment Platform in Eight Months

Mona Salem Al Fudli, Director of the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), has announced that the Ministry is planning to launch a comprehensive recruitment platform that will be completed within eight months, as part of the strategic plan adopted by the Ministry to recruit Qatari job seekers, in proportion to their qualifications and job experience in both the public and joint sectors.

Al Fudli affirmed that this platform will meet the need of both job seekers and employers simultaneously, and it will operate online to adapt the qualifications of job seekers to the quality of jobs offered, in a more modern and fast way.

Al Fudli stressed, in an interview with Al Rayah, the importance of e-services that widely contributed to reducing the pressure on direct service outlets, and the effectiveness of Amerni mobile app since its launch three months ago in online stores, with the number of users reaching 1,765.

She further clarified that the mobile app offers a package of features, most importantly facilitating access of customers from different categories � citizens, residents and establishment owners � to information and the follow up with previously submitted applications, reducing customer congestion and pressure within the Ministry and its branches, easing use of the mobile application and providing a number of services to replace personal attendance of customers to the Ministry, and enabling users to upload the documents required for some services.

Source: Government of Qatar