MADLSA Launches New e-Service to Choose Workers’ Nationalities

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), has launched a new e-service that enables business owners to choose the nationalities to be recruited in the new workers’ applications within the available ratios, and after approval by the Recruitment Department of the labors’ specifications to be recruited such as number, professions and gender (female, male) through MADLSA website.

The purpose of this service is to facilitate the procedures for recruiting the labor to the establishment, and to select the nationalities by the establishment according to the rules and ratios indicated by the competent authorities in the country. The ministry specified the terms and conditions for benefiting from this service, so that the establishment owner has applied for workers’ recruitment through Hukoomi website. The applicant will receive a text message, notifying him/her with the approval by the Recruitment Department of the ministry, on the specifications of the required workers’. It also notifies the applicant the need to enter the service link to modify or choose alternative nationalities for the required nationalities, which exceeded the available limits specified by the ministry, and entering the service and selecting alternative nationalities, reviewing the application and ensuring that it meets all the conditions in terms of compatibility of the required nationalities with the specified percentages, provided that the validity of the data entered is acknowledged.

Source: Government of Qatar