MADLSA Announces New Procedures to Accelerate Recruitment

Mr. Abdul Aziz Hassan, Director of the National Human Resources Development Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), announced the completion of a new electronic program for nominating job seekers directly without resorting to the Ministry by encouraging government and private entities to post their vacancies on the new System.

He said, during an interview with Al Sharq Newspaper, that more than 600 jobs have been put in various fields, for both the public and private sectors, and has received more than 1500 applications in two weeks. During the meeting, he revealed that a large number of new jobs will be launched during the second half of this year. He stressed that part of these job opportunities will be to cover the diverse institutional needs while the other part will be dedicated to job Qatarization; where the Qataris will be trained in all fields.

Mr. Hassan pointed out that the priority in employment is for Qataris. Qatari citizens and document holders, as spouses of Qataris and retired, can apply directly to the entities, not through this Program. He said that job opportunities are continuously being updated, pointing out that the government sector is the most attractive to Qatari youth, while the private sector is the least preferred by them.

Source: Government of Qatar