Mada Center Launches Two New Platforms to Support Distance Learning and Access to Information in Culture and Society Sectors

Qatar Assistive Technology Center (Mada), affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), has launched two platforms on its website to support access to information from various sources in the education, culture and society sectors.

The first platform is dedicated to supporting comprehensive digital education. It supports distance learning as an initiative that guarantees comprehensive education for all students, especially those with disabilities and job restrictions. It contains programs and open educational resources (OERs) available on internet with an open licence, and provides a set of interactive online services for teachers, learners, parents and others involved in the education process. It also offers the information, tools and resources necessary to support education in accordance with the principle of universal design for learning and a comprehensive digital learning environment.

The second platform, the “Culture and Society Support Platform”, contributes to enabling everyone to access information from available digital sources and services as an initiative aimed at enabling access for people with functional restrictions (persons with disabilities and elderly people) to the available electronic resources and services that an individual needs on a daily basis , Such as government services, purchasing services, health services and many other useful and approved sources within one platform through which the individual can use digital access tools that support various job restrictions.

Source: Government of Qatar