Libya's Flag Flies at the Olympics.

Libya’s Flag Flies at the Olympics.Sunday , 07-08-2016 – 18:57:00

Rio Di Janero, 7 August 2016(Lana) The Libyan marathon runner Mohamed Fouad Hreiz carried the Libyan flag at the opening of the Summer Olympics here on Saturday, as the sports community Libya struggled against odds, to ensure a presence at the international event. Amid the applause of massive crowds which converged on the stadium in which the opening ceremony was held, the Libyan team paraded across the famous Marcana stadium dressed in the Libyan traditional custom, waving national flags. This is Libya’s 12th participation since 1964, when it first took part in the Tokyo Olympic games, with a symbolic representation of several sportsmen, but the real participation came in the Mexico Olympics in 1978 in which Libya was represented by sprinter Mohamed Khalifa. This year’s participation included 7 athletes in 6 games. Athletes from 206 countries, in addition to a team representing refugees, are taking part in the current session. The opening event was watched by nearly 5 billion across the globe. =Lana=