Libya is on the trilateral summit agenda.

Libya is on the trilateral summit agenda.Thursday , 18-08-2016 – 19:43:00

Rome, 18.08.2016 – Lana – Presidential sources in the Italian ministerial presidency said , said that the Italian PM “Matteo Renzi” , had an on-line talks with the German chancellor “Angelina Merkel” , and the French president ” François Hollande” , in which they viewed the -Italian , German , French – trilateral summit agenda , that will be hosted by Italy on next Monday , on Fettuccini island south of the capital Rome. The Italian news agency ‘AKI’ , quoted from presidential sources that , the phone talks had viewed the international crisis scenarios , on top of it , was the situation in Libya and Syria , as well as the economic condition in Europe. =Lana=