Libya democratic transition still very “precarious” – Kobler

NEW YORK, March 2 (KUNA) — UN official for Libya told the Security Council on Wednesday that the process towards a democratic transition has continued to meet a number of milestones, but at the same time remains very “precarious.” The Special Representative for Libya, Martin Kobler, briefed the Security Council on the Secretary General’s latest report on the work of the UN Support Mission (UNSMIL).
He underscored Libya’s need to move ahead with the political process or risk division and collapse, adding that the country cannot continue to be held hostage by minorities in the House of Representatives and the General National Congress.
“The overwhelming majority supports the formation of a Government of National Accord that effectively address the existing threats and the overwhelming majority want and deserve peace – now,” he added.
Kobler urged the House to register the will of the democratic majority and formalize its endorsement of the Government of National Accord by next week.
The so-called Islamic State (IS), which remains an urgent and growing threat in Libya, is taking advantage of the political and security vacuum, he said. The fight against violent extremism can only be sustainable if it is led by a national unity government, he added.
In a related critical matter, Kobler told the Council, led by Angola this month, which the humanitarian situation in Libya is deteriorating, where 2.4 million people need aid, including 1.3 million people who do not have enough to eat. Moreover, 40 percent of health facilities in the country are not functioning.
Wrapping up his briefing, Kobler affirmed that Libya’s neighbors are suffering direct consequences of the country’s instability. “I am committed to fully engage with them in reaching a political solution to the crisis,” he added. (end) mao.hb