Lebanon's gov't approves four-year plan for waste crisis

BEIRUT, March 12 (KUNA) — The Lebanese cabinet on Saturday approved a four-year phase plan to solve the waste problem in the country, which will see financial incentives offered to municipalities located where landfill zones are elocated.
The plan includes future establishment of waste a treatment center and a sanitary landfill in each of the regions of Shouf and Aley, in cooperation with their municipalities, Information Minister Ramzi Jreij said as he emerged from today’s cabinet meeting.
The minister added that further sorting and processing plants will be established in line with the acknowledged health standards, as well as upgrading existing ones.
According to the plan, Interior and Finance Ministries are assigned to approve a draft bill on incentives for municipalities located in the vicinity of landfills, at a cost of USD 40 million, prone for increase, including the areas of Burj Hammoud, Jdeideh-Bauchrieh, Dam, Burj Barajneh, Shoueifat, Shouf and Aley.
The cabinet formed a committee of the Environment, Interior, Finance and Administrative Affairs Ministries to follow up the implementation of the plan.
Today’s meeting was held as “You Stink” activists gathered outside the government premises threatening to block roads on Monday in protest against inaction by thyecabinet on the waste issue. (end) ayb.msa