LCCI urges Pak-China businessmen to increase trade (Daily Times (Pakistan))

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) has urged the Pakistani and Chinese businessmen to speed up their efforts to enhance two-way trade volume.

While talking to the Chinese businessmen on Thursday, LCCI Vice President Mahmood Ghaznavi said that businessmen of both the countries should identify new areas for joint ventures.

He said that the Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) would start a new era of trade and economic cooperation, adding that Pakistan’s private sector should avail this unique opportunity to the maximum.

The LCCI vice president said that CPEC is an ample proof of unbreakable Pak-China historic friendship. He said that both the countries are associated together in strong ties and their mutual relations are based on solid foundations. He said that economic globalisation and regional integration has provided enormous opportunities for further cooperation between China and Pakistan. Pakistan is an ideal destination of foreign investment and is a top priority of the Chinese investors, he added. He said that Pakistan had made attractive investment policies that provide a lot of investment opportunities to the Chinese entrepreneurs to come and invest in Pakistan.

Mahmood Ghaznavi said that an obvious increase in frequency of the Chinese delegations to Pakistan makes it apparent that special significance is being given by China to Pakistan to further strengthen the relations.

He said that in context of the ongoing project of CPEC, the need and importance of private-to-private contacts has mounted. Being the hub of business activities in Punjab, Lahore holds a special significance. Both public and private sector organisations are striving hard to fully exploit the trade and investment potential of Punjab in collaboration with the foreign investors, he added.

The LCCI vice president said that China is first choice of the Pakistani business community for joint ventures. We hope that the state level cooperation between two countries will bring greater fortune to both of us. China is an important trading partner of Pakistan. It is the second largest importing country after UAE and regarding the top exporting countries of Pakistan, China comes at second place after USA, he added. He said that these stats are bound to improve in a decade or so because once the CPEC project becomes fully functional, a win-win situation would take place for both the countries, adding that in the meantime, we need to interact on regular basis for exploring avenues for trade expansion and opportunities for investments.

The LCCI vice president said that there are ample opportunities of trade for the Chinese businessmen in almost all the sectors or sub-sectors of economy. Although our Chinese delegates would study the Pakistani market related to their focus areas but Pakistan has got a lot to offer being the closest trading partner of China, he added.