Lawmakers OK draft law on elderly care

KUWAIT, March 15 (KUNA) — Lawmakers on Tuesday endorsed a draft law to preserve the rights of the elderly for optimum care.
The draft law identifies any Kuwaiti citizen above the age of 65 to be an elderly person, however it differentiates between an elderly person capable of independent living and one who does not have the wherewithal to do so, or is physically or mentally incapacitated.
The draft law provides numerous advantages enabling the elderly to secure their needs with ease and dignity, including the requirement that senior citizen cards be issued to them with which they could obtain government or public services without any hassle.
The elderly, in accordance with this law, would get some government services without charge, such as free bus passes, or special care at government clinics and hospitals. This draft law urges the private sector and civil society organizations to dabble into establishing and running elderly care facilities and to create means of supporting families that have elderly folks amongst them.
Following voting on the draft law today, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Planning Affairs and Development Hend Al-Sabeeh, touted the draft law but pointed out that it was an improvement on an old existing law from the 1970s. She promised that she would implement the law when it was officially sanctioned by the government. (end) sss.ajs