Launch of First e-Currency Platform Supported by Gold From Qatar

The first Islamic platform to exchange the e-currency supported by gold “i-Dinar”, is launched for the first time in Qatar. This unprecedented achievement is the result of extensive work, studies and meetings between a distinguished Qatar Financial Center team led by HE Yousif Al Jaidah, HE Khalid bin Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Chairman of QAf Holding Group and Ibadah In Malaysia. The project will be launched during the 5th International Islamic Finance Conference under the title “Islamic Finance and the Digital World”, which began yesterday with a wide participation.

The I-dinar platform is based on its concept of being an e-symbol based on the exchange of digital currency, where the initial value of one dinar is supported against one gram of gold, that is, it is not only a digital currency, but it is in exchange for real gold. As such, the digital I-Dinar is not only a form of e-gold portfolio, but with the remarkable and continuous progress of the e-exchange chain technology, I-Dinar can be used as a common denominator for the execution and settlement of many financial, exchange and trading operations.

Source: Government of Qatar