Kuwait urged to host FCB's constituent meeting

SFAX, Tunisia, March 22 (KUNA) — A Tunisian writer urged the State of Kuwait on Tuesday to host the constituent meeting of the federation of children book in the Arab world.
At the conclusion of the Sfax Children Book Fair, Mahmoud Harshani expressed his hope that Kuwait would host the meeting as it enjoys rich cultural heritage.
He said that the federation will form a tool of communication among children’s literature writers in the Arab countries so as to remove difficulties facing them in this field.
He noted that writing for children has been developed in the Arab world despite many challenges, indicating that magazines of children have benefited from modern technology. He called for developing the scientific message in children’s books.
Many forums and workshops on children’s literature in the Arab world were held during the book fair which concluded its events late Tuesday. Many writers took part in the event. (end) khs.hm