Kuwait reiterates firm support to Palestinian cause

KUWAIT, Jan 30 (KUNA) — Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs Aziz Al-Daihani on Saturday reiterated firm support to the Palestinian cause, which represents an “essential principle in Kuwait’s foreign policy.” Kuwait have embraced the Palestinian cause and struggle since the beginning, as the Palestinian revolution started its drive from Kuwait, Ambassador Al-Daihani said during a reception held at the Palestinian embassy in Kuwait to mark the International Day for 1948 Arab Rights.
He reminisced the year 1936 when Kuwaitis formed a committee to support the Palestinian people through collecting donations and sending them to the fighters there back then.
“Again, and after the Palestinian exodus in 1948, Kuwaiti official and popular sympathy with their brethren manifested when Kuwait became home for many Palestinians, including the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which headquartered in Kuwait since 1964,” Al-Daihani said. (end) hrz.hb