Kuwait keen on supporting civil, political rights — Amb. Al-Ghunaim

By Tamer Abulainnain GENEVA, June 18 (KUNA) — Kuwait’s membership in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) reflected its strong commitment to these vital human rights issues, said a senior Kuwaiti diplomat Saturday.
Kuwait permanent envoy to the UN headquarters and international organizations in Geneva Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim said told KUNA that his country’s had an unwavering commitment to the issues of civil and political rights, affirming that Kuwait will showcase this fact in its third annual report to the ICCPR authority next week.
Since joining the ICCPR in 1996, Kuwait had always been on the vanguard of defending these issues on the regional and global scales, said the Ambassador, noting that way before joining the covenant, the Kuwaiti constitution affirmed its stance on protecting all aspects of human rights.
He lauded Kuwaiti government and civil societies’ reports to international organizations pertaining to human rights, saying that the reports reflected the Gulf country utter commitment to human dignity and welfare.
ICCPR was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 16th, 1966 and it was effective on March 23rd, 1976.
The ICCPR is part of the International Bill of Human Rights. As of 2014, the covenant has 74 signatories and 168 parties. (end) ta.gta