Kuwait Airways signs exchange agreement with seven Arab airlines


Kuwait Airways has signed a loan and exchange agreement with seven Arab airlines that will be used to swap spare parts in emergency cases, said the company’s Chairman, Captain Ali Al- Dukhan. In a statement to KUNA, Al-Dukhan affirmed that the signing came on the sidelines of the 54th General Assembly of the Arab Air Transport Association in Doha, during which many topics were discussed, the most important is reducing the carbon emissions and reaching the zero point in 2050. He also noted that the meeting discussed the pillars of air policies to recover from the COVID-19 repercussions, stressing the vital role played by the air transport sector as a main driver of the global economy. The Kuwaiti delegation, headed by Al-Dukhan, included the director of the Operational Lines Network and Sales Department, Shorouq Al-Awadi, and the director of government and commercial air transport agreements, Fatima Al-Ramadan. (KUNA).


Source: Civil Aviation Authority – Qatar