KUNA main news for Friday, Jan 29, 2016


KUWAIT — Kuwait’s national network for monitoring earthquakes at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research on Friday detected two tremors north of Kabd and south of Jahra areas. (Issued at 16:31 local time or 13:31 GMT)


VIENNA — The OPEC daily basket price stood at USD 28.28 a barrel on Thursday, compared with USD 26.40 the previous day, the OPEC said on Friday. (Issued at 14:50 local time or 11:50 GMT)


RAMALLAH — Up to 300 Israeli troops ransacked the campus of Al-Quds university in the township of Abu Dais, breaking doors and computers, shattering glass and scattering students’ papers, said university vice president Dr. Hassan Duwaik on Friday. (Issued at 16:22 local time or 13:22 GMT)

RIYADH — At least two people were killed on Friday when a suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Saudi Arabia’s eastern governorate of Al-Ahsa, the Saudi Interior Ministry said. (Issued at 15:11 local time or 12:11 GMT)

BERLIN — The opportunity for dialogue with the so-called Islamic State (IS) militant group should be allowed, suggested a German diplomat, who believes this is essential for resolving pending crises in the region. (Issued at 14:23 local time or 11:23 GMT)

RIYADH — Turkish prime minister holds talks with Saudi officials on closer bilateral ties and regional and international issues.

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