Koni takes part in 9th meeting of Libya\'s neighbouring countries in Niger.

Koni takes part in 9th meeting of Libya\’s neighbouring countries in Niger.Tuesday , 18-10-2016 – 17:31:00

Tripoli, 19.10.2016(Lana) The 9th meeting of Libya\’s neighbouring\ncountries is to convene in Niamey Niger Wednesday with the \nparticipation of Vice- President of the Presidency Council, Musa Kon \nand Libyan neighbouring countries\’ foreign ministers.\n Head of UNSMIL, Martin Kobler, besides former Tanzanian \nPresident, the special envoy to the AU, Jakayao Kikwete and Arab \nLeague Secretary General, Ahmed Abu Ghait are also to take part in \nthe meeting.\n The meeting is expected to discuss political and security \ndevelopments in Libya as well as tracks of the political accord and \nefforts made at local, regional and international levels to settle \nthe Libyan crisis based on the Political Accord, besides renewing \nsupport to the Presidency Council and the GNA and support of Libyan \nunity, sovereignty and political dialogue in the context of dialogue \nand national reconciliation.\n The meeting will also discuss illegal immigration, drug \ntrafficking, organized crime, and mechanisms as well as plans to \nprevent their expansion.\n The 8th meeting of Libya\’s neighbouring countries was held in \nTunis last March in the presence of President of the Presidency \nCouncil, Fayez Saraj and participation of foreign ministers of \nEgypt, Sudan, Algeria, Chad, and Niger. The final statement of the \n8th meeting reaffirmed neighbouring countries\’ support to the \nPolitical Accord, importance of fulfilling remaining due entitlements\nand rejected foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Libya.\n =Lana=