Knock airport plans Euros 10m runway upgrade

Ireland West Airport Knock is planning to upgrade and resurface its runway as part of a Euros 15 million facilities investment plan.The company’s strategy will see investment in new passenger facilities, terminal upgrades and infrastructural work across the airport facility.The airport will implement a new brand identity, remodel the departures area, improve the airport retail and catering facilities, and upgrade existing car park facilities.The most significant investment, however, is the Euros 10 million upgrade and overlay of the airport’s 2.5km runway, which is 30 years old. The upgrade work will extend the life of the runway by 15-20 years, according to tender documents. Additionally, the airport plans to increase the pavement classification number of the runway, which will allow it accommodate current and future anticipated aircraft size.For pilots, the existing runway instrument landing system will be upgraded to enable enhanced navigation, while the runway lighting system will be upgraded so that all lights are LED.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar.