KISR obtains US breakwater patent

KUWAIT, June 15 (KUNA) — The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) said on Wednesday it has won a US patent for inventing a new type of floating breakwaters aiming at preventing breaches from washing away.
The invention is primarily intended to protect the beaches of the countries which are lacking in high-quality rock resources, including the State of Kuwait, the KISR said in a press release.
A working team of the KISR has worked for three years to reach a new sort of floating breakwaters, it added.
The invented breakwaters will be used in the protection of coastal areas from wave erosion and oil facilities from relevant direct effects, and in the facilitation of marine construction works, according to the release.
The fresh invention, which is easy to assemble and install at an appropriate cost, causes neither damage to coral reefs nor water pollution, and matches Gulf and Kuwaiti marine circumstances, it noted. (end(