Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation funds healthcare and clean drinking water initiative for Socotra

WAM SOCOTRA, YEMEN, June 13th, 2013 — : In its endeavor to elevate the health and hygiene standards of the residents of Socotra, the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation (KBZF) has successfully completed two ambitious projects that aim at providing a better standard of living and promote a healthier lifestyle.

The Sheikh Khalifa Hospital project was initiated on the island with the view to impart superior standards of healthcare for its populace, by taking over the existing infrastructure of the prior hospice and renovating it to upgrade its operating theatres, intensive care units (ICU’s) and the much needed medical equipment and supplies for its facility. A lab and a pharmacy were also annexed to provide top medical provisions for the islands community.

In addition, seven water tanks were installed in areas of the isle to provide safe drinking water for its population.

An official of the Foundation commented: that there would be other initiatives in the coming future that would be funded by KBZF in its attempt to improve the living conditions of Socotra’s residents. “Our main areas of interest is to ensure full accessibility to clean drinking water and a proper healthcare infrastructure” he said. “We are constantly looking to channel our funds to countries that are in dire need of our support, assisting people of all walks of life, and attend to generic medical issues that are prevalent.” He revealed that KBZF’s upcoming initiatives are to demolish an existing clinical facility and rebuild it with a fully operational and modern facility, an adjoining accommodation for its staff, and to also renovate the hospital mosque thereby extending its square footage and create more space for worshippers to congregate.

He also added that the Khalifa Foundation is fully unified with the UAE in dedicating its efforts to providing much needed assistance to people everywhere, and promoting human welfare wherever it is most needed.


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